Advantages of Off Site Training!

A key factor to creating successful skills retention Internal training has proven to be extremely cost effective for businesses. However, did you know external training is achieving much better long term results for businesses of all types!

Advantages to off site training

• Staff will focus more on what they are doing as they are away from their desks.
• The change of scenery will have a positive effect because employee engagement will be at its peak.
• Employees will engage in the training session and process the information better, no distractions by everyday working tasks and emails.

Disadvantages to on site workplace training

• It becomes stagnant very quickly, another day at work with the added stress of training.
• Motivation is at its lowest due to workers constantly thinking about their priority list that is waiting for them on their desk or other tasks more important that they could be completing.
• The skills and knowledge shared in the training session is not utilized to the best of its ability due to motivation being at its lowest

So why not book your next training day with us, were dedicated to corporate only meeting & training events and all our meeting rooms include;
Fully integrated speakers, electric screens, Smartboards, ceiling mounted projectors and air conditioning as standard in all room booking.
We have full day delegate packages or room hire only options available PLUS ample Free packing.

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